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Understand your users & team on a personal level

90% of communication is non-verbal, so why base important decisions on written feedback only? Video provides much deeper insights both in terms of communication and opening a window into the lives of others.

Receive more results, faster than ever before

Verbate technology collects video feedback without an app meaning less barriers, and more responses. Our SMS delivery receives 98% open rates & 4x faster response times than most surveys.

Scale your campaign to infinity and beyond

Gone are the days of timely & expensive focus groups. Verbate gives you cost effective global scale with minimal input. For large projects, extract the audio to text for even faster analysis.

Show us what you love about your bike
See the suspension here on the forks, its just amazing, perfect when you compress it like this. It looks pretty cool too I think.
What are your favourite 3 brands and why?
GoPro, Virgin and probably something like Red Bull. I live a pretty adrenaline filled life, so I like brands that reflect that.
Would you reccommend us, why?
I'd definitely recommend the tour, there's not a whole lot more that I could have asked for. If you're in Sydney and looking for something, do it!

Win over your customers & team

Real customer, staff & community feedback videos are incredbily effective in inspiring change with your clients or board. Share online, download and edit, or let us create powerful video montages for you.

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